Documentary films increasingly influence what people know and think about the law. At the same time, more and more lawyers are using the techniques of documentary filmmaking as tools of advocacy. The Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law trains students in the use of these techniques as they produce and direct advocacy videos on behalf of social justice clients and causes. The Program also sponsors lectures on the impact of the law on documentaries and modern media. More information about the Program is available at


Submissions from 2020


It’s Time to Right the Wrong: The Case for Compensating Pennsylvania Exonerees, Heath Khan, Jesse Lambert, Julia Schichmann, Erin Sweeney, Edward Baker, Marissa Bluestine, Jon Eldan, Eugene Gilyard, and Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law


Dialogue on Demagoguery, Seth F. Kreimer, Patricia Roberts-Miller, and Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law


Blended Practices: Public Defenders, Innovative Social Services & Clients Struggling with Addiction, Jaclyn Castelar, Shabel Castro, Anna Marion, Nathalie Sosa, Olufemi Oyosumi, Mélisande McLaughlin, and Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law