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The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (JBL) has published cutting-edge business and employment scholarship for more than two decades. Our articles and student comments address a broad range of business law topics, including corporate law and governance, securities and capital market regulation, bankruptcy and restructuring, and the law surrounding mergers and acquisitions.

The Journal of Business Law typically publishes four Issues per Volume, with four to five articles in each Issue. Recent articles have addressed whether the risks posed by digital platforms warrant enhanced regulatory oversight, the anticompetitive consequences of algorithmic customer targeting, and the application of the Caremark doctrine in the context of climate change and ESG activism, among others. Every year, JBL organizes an annual symposium where panelists and speakers debate divergent viewpoints on timely issues affecting the business law landscape. Our most recent annual symposium, “Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency,” featured speakers on topics including FTX and other crypto exchange bankruptcies, crypto regulation in the United States, and the use of digital assets by central banks.

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Current Issue: Volume 26 (2024), Issue 1 (2024)
Vol. 26, no. 1 (2024)

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Tooley Brooks No Exceptions—Equity Dilution Is Direct

Christine J. Chen and Y. Carson Zhou




Women in Power: Clearing Pathways for Women to Rise to Positions of Organizational Leadership

Cindy A. Schipani, Terry Morehead Dworkin, and Bettina C.K. Binder




Taxing Contractual Complexity

Michael Simkovic and Meirav Furth-Matzkin