Refugees and asylum: the crucial role of service providers

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This chapter provides highlights of past and current instances of the forced movement of people. From the current universally accepted definition of refugee as defined by the United Nations, the chapter then describes how Africa and Latin America expand the definition. The chapter then provides a framework of the three durable solutions for refugee protection. Against that backdrop, the chapter concludes by describing the process resettlement for refugees outside of the United States as well as the process for applying for asylum for those persons already in the United States.


asylum, refugee, resettlement, voluntary repatriation, durable solutions, UN refugee convention and protocol, U.S. refugee act, asylum process, resettlement process, forced migration, social workers and asylum support, humanitarian parole, immigration, immigrant, lawful permanent resident, refugee, undocumented, citizen, noncitizen, social workers, service provider, cultural humility, cultural competence

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Social work with immigrants and refugees: legal issues, clinical skills, and advocacy