Nonprofit organizations and their role in integration and resiliency

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Book Chapter

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This chapter describes the vital role that nonprofits play in supporting immigrants and refugees in their integration into their communities and their continued resiliency. The chapter lists the four core areas or competencies at work in making nonprofits effective: programs and services that meet the needs of the communities served; human resources staff and volunteers who are bilingual/bicultural; a board of directors that lives, works, or plays where the immigrant community lives and understands their challenges as well as assets; and operations such as marketing that ensure that immigrants know about and can access the nonprofit organization.


nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations (NGO), core competencies, board of directors, humna resources, staff, volunteers, program, evaluation, adaptation, disruption, access to services, fundraising, marketing, immigrant, lawful permanent resident, refugee, undocumented, citizen, noncitizen, social workers, service provider, cultural humility, cultural competence

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Social work with immigrants and refugees: legal issues, clinical skills, and advocacy