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The Governor of Illinois created a commission to examine the problems with Illinois criminal law and to rewrite the Illinois criminal code. This two-volume Final Report of the Illinois Criminal Code Rewrite and Reform Commission proposes a new criminal code, in volume 1, together with an official commentary, in volume 2, that explains each provision and how and why it differs from existing law. The introduction to the Report summarizes the reasons for and the importance of criminal code reform, and describes the techniques used in this rewrite project, including both the project’s drafting principles and the methods by which the Commission organized its work. This report was co-authored by Paul H. Robinson, Reporter, Michael T. Cahill, Staff Director, and Commission Staff.


criminal law, proposed Illinois Criminal Code, drafting, criminal law codification, recodification, Model Penal Code, defining offenses, codifying defenses, grading offenses, consolidating offenses, modern criminal codes