Administrative Law: Governing Economic and Social Governance

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Administrative law refers to the body of legal doctrines, procedures, and practices that govern the operation of the myriad regulatory bodies and other administrative agencies that interact directly with individuals and businesses to shape economic and social outcomes. This law takes many forms in different legal systems around the world, but different systems of administrative law share in common a focus on three major issues: the formal structures of administrative agencies; the procedures that these agencies must follow to make regulations, grant licenses, or pursue other actions; and the doctrines governing judicial review of administrative decisions. In addressing these issues, administrative law is intended to combat conditions of interest group capture and help ensure agencies make decisions that promote the public welfare by making government fair, accurate, and rational.


Public Administration; Agency Independence; Administrative Procedure; Regulation; Rulemaking; Adjudication; Judicial Review; Governance

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Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance

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In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance (Jonathan H. Hamilton et al. eds., Oxford 2022)