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On April 18-19, 2008, the University of Pennsylvania Law School hosted a landmark conference on “The Enduring Lessons of the Breakup of AT&T: A Twenty-Five Year Retrospective.” This conference was the first major event for Penn’s newly established Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition, a research institute committed to promoting basic research into foundational frameworks that will shape the way policymakers think about technology-related issues in the future. The breakup of AT&T represents an ideal starting point for reexamining the major themes of telecommunications policy that have emerged over the past quarter century. The conference featured a keynote address by the Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, who reflected on the little-known role he played in the litigation. Panels addressed the following topics: - “Looking Back at Divestiture: What Worked? What Didn’t?” (Roger Noll, Paul MacAvoy, Alfred Kahn, Joseph Weber) - “Equal Access as the New Regulatory Paradigm: The Transition from Rate Regulation to Access Regulation” (Glen Robinson, Tim Wu, Christopher Yoo, Gerald Faulhaber) - “Structural Separation in Dynamic Markets: Lessons for the Internet, Lessons for Europe” (Joseph Farrell, Eli Noam, Michael Riordan, Michael Salinger) - “From the MFJ to Trinko: The Essential Facilities Doctrine and the Proper Provinces of Antitrust and Regulation” (Daniel Spulber, Michael Katz, Timothy Brennan, Howard Shelanski) - “Regulation by Consent Decree: Lessons for Microsoft and Beyond” (Richard Epstein, Robert Crandall, Daniel Rubinfeld, Philip Weiser) - “The Future of Intercarrier Compensation” (Gerald Brock, Simon Wilkie, James Speta, Kevin Werbach) Selected papers were published in the Federal Communications Law Journal.


Antitrust, telecommunications, Modification of Final Judgment, divestiture, equal access, Trinko, structural separation, consent decree, intercarrier compensation

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Federal Communications Law Journal

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Federal Communications Law Journal, Vol. 61, Pg. 1, 2008