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NEBULA is a proposal for a Future Internet Architecture. It is based on the assumptions that: (1) cloud computing will comprise an increasing fraction of the application workload offered to an Internet, and (2) that access to cloud computing resources will demand new architectural features from a network. Features that we have identified include dependability, security, flexibility and extensibility, the entirety of which constitute resilience.

NEBULA provides resilient networking services using ultrareliable routers, an extensible control plane and use of multiple paths upon which arbitrary policies may be enforced. We report on a prototype system, Zodiac, that incorporates these latter two features.


Computer science, cloud computing, communications, architectural features, reliable routing system & data center interconnect, NCore, data plane enabling policy enforcement, new control plane architecture, NEBULA virtual & extensible networking techniques, economic & policy implications

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44(3) ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review, July 2014, at 81–86.