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What Setsuo has accomplished over these past 30 years is nothing short of remarkable. I can think of no other scholar within or outside of Japan who has had a greater impact on both the legal academic community and society more generally. Indeed, when Setsuo was still quite young he had already written a number of influential articles. But they turn out to represent only a fraction of his extraordinary output over the next years. In reflecting on Setsuo’s many achievements, I am particularly drawn to comment on three of them. First, his empirical and comparative law and society scholarship, which has set a gold standard for work on the Japanese legal system. Second, his work on reforming the Japanese legal system, particularly legal education. And third, his devotion to building institutions and organizations to support socio-legal research in and about Asia.


Japan, Japanese Law, Empirical and Comparative Law and Society Scholarship, Reforming the Japanese Legal System, Building Institutions to Promote-Socio-Legal Research in and About Asia, Setsuo Miyazawa, leadership, inspiration

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In The Legal Process in Contemporary Japan: A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Setsuo Miyazawa’s 70th Birthday (Keiichi Ageishi, Hiroshi Otsuka, Katsuhiro Musashi and Mari Hirayama, eds., Tokyo, Shinzansha 2017).