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This short essay reviews Professor Eugene Fidell’s recently published book, “Military Justice A Very Short Introduction” (Oxford Press). This book is a welcome addition to military law and military justice literature more generally. Eugene Fidell, a professor at Yale Law School, brings a tremendous breadth of experience as both a scholar and military justice practitioner. He also possesses a keen observational and critical eye to the subject of military justice practiced here and abroad.

The book review first provides an overview of Professor Fidell’s book, its organizational set-up, and where it sits in the broader context of military justice literature. Second, it highlights the aspects of the book that should be of particular interest to readers – such as members of the media – that require a familiarity with the court-martial and military justice system. The military criminal justice system can appear quite opaque to outside observers. Readers seeking to understand military justice jargon and its somewhat unusual design will be well served by this book. I commend it to anyone with an interest in military justice, particularly those seeking to “get up to speed” quickly on the critical differences between the civilian and military justice system.


Military law and justice system, national security law, court martial, military criminal law, Military Justice A Very Short Introduction, Eugene Fidell, book review

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Journal of National Security Law & Policy

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10 Journal of National Security Law & Policy ___ (forthcoming 2018).