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The Utah Law Review brought in a panel of experts for a symposium on the legal and ethical limits of technological warfare. This roundtable discussion crystalized the issues discussed throughout the symposium. The collective experience and diversity of viewpoints of the panelists produced an unparalleled discussion of the complex and poignant issues involved in drone warfare. The open dialogue in the roundtable discussion created moments of tension where the panelists openly challenged each other’s viewpoints on the ethics and legality of drone warfare. The discussion captured in this transcript uniquely conveys the diversity of perspectives and inherently challenging legal and moral questions associated with drone warfare.


Drone, Technological Warfare, Targeted Killing, Ethics, Terrorism, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence, Law, Limits, Due Process, Rights, Citizens, American, Missile, Strike, War, AUMF, Battle, Conflict, Court, Judicial, Oversight, President, Congress

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Utah Law Review

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2013 Utah L. Rev. 1321