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In order to channel interest in e-rulemaking toward effective and meaningful innovations in regulatory practice, the Kennedy School of Government's Regulatory Policy Program convened two major workshops, bringing together academic experts from computer sciences, law, and public management along with key public officials involved in managing federal regulation. This paper summarizes the discussions that took place at these workshops and develops an agenda for future research on information technology and the rulemaking process. It highlights the institutional challenges associated with using information technology in the federal regulatory process and suggests that in some cases existing rulemaking practices may need to be reconfigured in order to take full advantage of technological developments. Ultimately, the effective deployment of information technology to assist with government rulemaking will depend on integrating knowledge from across the social sciences, law, and information sciences.


Business and government policy, law and legal institutions, political science, public management, regulation

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Administrative Law Review

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56 Admin. L. Rev. 353 (2004).