Journal of Law & Innovation

The Journal of Law & Innovation provides a comprehensive year-long seminar experience, fostering a unique and enriching journey for students by closely collaborating with esteemed Penn Carey Law faculty members. This collaboration offers students the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with faculty, cultivating an environment of mentorship and shared learning. This collaborative endeavor centers on the generation and editing of the journal. Through active engagement in these essential aspects of scholarly publication, students acquire hands-on experience in shaping and refining critical discussions at the forefront of legal and technological innovation.

A standout feature of JLI is its annual symposium, a significant intellectual gathering. During this event, students, faculty, industry experts, and the journal’s renowned authors converge to thoroughly explore and dissect the chosen theme of the year. The symposium functions as a dynamic platform for in-depth discussions, presentations, and the exchange of ideas among participants.

As JLI enters its sixth year of existence, it stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to fostering an environment in which students actively participate in the evolving landscape of scholarship concerning contemporary technology issues.

Current Issue: Volume 6 (2023), Issue 1 (2023)
Vol. 6 (2023)

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The Emerging Commercial Space Age: Legal and Policy Implications

Gerald L. Adams III and Christopher S. Yoo