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First printed in 1978 as the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Comparative Corporate Law and Securities Regulation, the Journal of International Law (JIL) is the oldest topically focused journal at Penn Law and widely recognized as one of the top international law journals in the world.

JIL publishes scholarship on diverse issues ranging from international economic law to international human rights and environmental regulation. The Journal continues to work with preeminent authors on articles regarding private international transactions, international governmental regulation, and empirical research on the effects of international law on world economies.

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Current Issue: Volume 45 (2023-2024), Issue 4 (2024) Vol. 45, no. 4 (2024)




Regulating the Data Market: The Material Scope of American Consumer Data Privacy Law

Bryce Clayton Newell, Nadezhda Purtova, Young Eun Moon, and Hugh J. Paterson III