Profiled in Life & Death: Crime Victims Compensation and Young People of Color

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Pennsylvania denies Victim Compensation Assistance Program (“VCAP”) benefits to crime victims who contribute, or are suspected of contributing, to their own death or injury. The bar extends to expenses paid for the funerals of homicide victims and the medical and psychological care required by survivors of intentional violence. The video explores the prohibition’s impact on young urban victims of color and their families, the group most affected. The video’s interviews were produced and directed by three Penn Law students, Matthew A. Feldman, Joanna Hoodes and Frances Weil, all Class of 2018. The collaborators on the project were E.M.I.R. (Every Murder Is Real) Healing Center, the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project and Souls Shot: Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence. The cinematographer and editor was Adam Brody. Professor Regina Austin wrote the script and directed post-production of the video.

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